Reisch & Mir Motahari
Attorneys at law
12, rue Jean l'Aveugle
1148 Luxembourg
Phone : (+352) 27 77 99 88 Fax : (+352) 27 77 99 89

REISCH & MIR MOTAHARI is a GENERAL LAW Practice covering most aspects of law including civil, commercial, administrative, criminal, banking, employment and company. Our firm assists our local, private, institutional and international clients in various judicial fields (litigation and legal advice) and enjoys excellent relations with the local authorities. One of the founders, Thierry REISCH is also specialized in IP, Communication and Technology law and is the author of the book: « INTERNET AND THE NEW TECHNOLOGIES IN LUXEMBOURG LAW »

We represent and assist our clients in all ordinary and administrative courts of law including the TPI, the CJEC and the ECHR. Reisch & MIR MOTAHARI is a Family law firm which ensures partner involvement.

Languages spoken and written are French, German, English, Italian, Persian, Turkish and Luxemburgish.